Kazumi Higashikuni
Kazumi Higashikuni
Kazumi Higashikuni
Some attributes
Birthday November 30
SHSL Otaku Queen
Statu Alive
Other attributes
Family Yuki Higashikuni
Gender Female
Seen for the first time Prologo

Kazumi Higashikuni is the main character of Dangan Ronpa TDI She is one of the 15 students on Hope Peack School she have the titel of Super High School Level Otaku Queen. She and Her Sister Yuki Higashikuni enter to the school because their talent.


She have blue hair whit pink,green,yellow and blue high ligth,Have Green Eye and she kinda have a pale Skin have her lip paint whit blue a pink lipstick. Have a Monokuma Headpiece use a white blouse whit a blue skirt a orange and pink belt a green and purple Sock and a White Converse .


Kazumi is kinda Nice she really love fun but wen is star whit a investigation she turn to "Fun mode" to "Serius mode". She really love novel,manga and anime that have Yaoi,Yuri or Hentai in that case she is kinda perv.